Sump Pump Alarm

Remote dialer notification
Cellular Water Alarm

Reliable water level detection for your sump pump and battery backup is very important! Our plumbing Professionals at Pipe Wrench specialize in remote alarm notification for residential sump drainage pits. The typical basement sump pit is “out of site & out of mind” to many of us until discovering an emergency at the most inconvenient time. We provide peace of mind knowing that you will be instantly alerted of a power failure or high water level.

For example, an “early in the work day” notification can allow someone to make repair arraignments with a plumber instead of coming home to an after hours emergency. Vacations are an infamous time for sump pumps to fail for one reason or another. Remote alarm notification can be sent out to 3 different numbers allowing for friends and family to stop by and check the situation while your out of town.

The battery backup sump pumps that our plumbers install come with remote alarm terminals that can be connected to a homes existing security monitoring system, WiFi remote, or a dedicated Verizon Cellular Network unit installed by us.

Water powered backup sump pumps don’t have remote alarm terminals or any method of alerting it’s activation. Both the WiFi and Cellular units come with a float switch that can be used as a “high water alarm“, alerting homeowners to check on their water backup system.

Cellular water alarm

  • Dedicated Verizon Network text messages.
  • 1 year AAA battery life or 2 years when plugged into available outlet.
  • Two inputs for additional water float switch, freeze alarm, or battery backup controller.
  • $49.99 per year for phone number service subscription. *Verizon Network reliable

WiFi network alarm

  • Connects with homes WiFi network
  • SΙends text, email, and push notifications.
  • Two inputs for additional water float switch, sensor, or battery backup controller.
  • 1 year AAA battery life or 2 years when plugged into available outlet.
  • No extra cost for free monitoring service. *WiFi network reliable