Backflow Tests For Installs & Replacements Only.

Backflow Tester Gauge
Backflow Test Gauge – Backflow Testing

Lets face it, backflow testing for your home or business plumbing system is not a popular task that clients are volunteering for. It is usually a result from receiving a test form letter & deadline from the local authority having jurisdiction. The licensed plumbers from Pipe Wrench are also certified as ASSE 5110 Backflow Assembly Testers. We can test any approved backflow assembly, order & install needed repair parts, and file the passed test report with the local building & DPW departments.

When The backflow tester arrives onsite, they will need to gain access to the appropriate device location and close off they water supply for the duration of the test. It is important to verify that there is not a “critical need” for water supply during the test period. If the assembly is for the buildings fire suppression, building management will need to put the fire alarm into “test mode” so the fire department doesn’t receive a false alarm.

Once the test has been completed and passed, our professional plumber can typically provide a email or paper copy of the test report & collect payment onsite. If plumbing repairs are needed, a time & material billing can be applied in ordering the proper repair parts and rebuilding the assembly.

backflow protection Of The Drinking Water Supply is the property owners responsibility!

SECTION 608 – (Michigan Plumbing Code)


608.1 General. A potable water supply system shall be designed, installed,and maintained in such a manner so as to prevent contamination from non-potable liquids, solids or gases being introduced into the potable water supply through cross-connection or any other piping connections to the system.

As a licensed master plumber & certified backflow testing service, Pipe Wrench will not install any plumbing that isn’t in full accordance with manufacturer instructions & Michigan Plumbing Code.