Certified Gasfitter Service

If you have ever caught a whiff of the “rotten egg smell” from around your water heater or furnace, chances are it’s a very small gas leak that can be detected and repaired by the gasfitters at Pipe Wrench. Your local gas company includes a sulfur additive to the gas supply to alert customers of potential danger. The gas company can come out for free to check for any gas leaks, but are required shut of your gas if they find one. As a licensed Mechanical Contractor, we are available for emergency pipe leak repair just in case this happens to you. Call us first and we will locate & repair that minor leak before the gas company “locks out” the gas supply valve at the meter.

Our FlashShield™ certified installers can properly size gas lines to any home appliance according to International Fuel Gas Code and manufactures instructions. If you enjoy cooking out doors but tired of running out propane, we can properly install a new gas line to a an outdoor Grill or fire pit. Using modern installation materials & techniques, we can run outdoor underground gas lines to a remote pool heater or backup generator. The expert plumbers at Pipe Wrench are familiar with all the codes & regulations relating to venting connection of your new gas dryer or stove.

Proper combustion air is essential for the furnace, boiler, & water heater operation. Sealed furnace rooms can “choke off” needed  air supply causing burner malfunction & “flame roll out”.

Example of “flame roll out” from a furnace burner seeking oxygen.

The natural gas piping classification falls under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Mechanical Division who issue trade licenses to qualified professionals that have proven work experience & passed a written examination. It is our ongoing mission for all of our service technicians to remain up to date with all related training & subject studies. Please don’t hesitate to call or email any questions you may have.