PVC Drains Only

Sewer Snaking And Drain Cleaning
Roots from sewer main

Whether your kitchen sink garbage disposal & p-trap have been slowly draining for a long time or the powder room toilet just doesn’t flush properly despite using a plunger. The plumbing professionals at Pipe Wrench can snake & auger modern PVC drains and get the pipes flowing again. We offer local same day repairs and emergency plumber service is available. Our Ridgid K-60 – 7/8″ sectional cable drain machine can snake a 4 inch diameter sewer clogged with roots up to 150 feet. This versatile machine also runs a flexible 5/8″ cable for smaller pipe clogs such as kitchen sink & shower drains. When used in conjunction with a sewer camera, we can make quick work of any clogs and show you the results in real time! This makes it easy to verify the location of blockages and extent of the situation, both before and after repairs.

When water bubbles up from the basement floor drain while someone is using the tub & shower or flushes a toilet, it usually indicates something more than a hair clog. A backed up main sewer outside of the house may require having the invading tree roots growing inside the pipe rooter-ed out. Our plumbing experts will locate the best sewer opening access whether it requires pulling the toilet or snaking thru the roof vent to clear any soft blockage & most tree roots using a sectional cable drain snaking machine. Ask us about our special root killing chemical treatment that can eliminate roots effectively and economically. This process works best applied to live roots that have not been augured for at least two months. Schedule the treatment accordingly so that no drain flow will interrupt the 6-8 hour chemical root killing process.

Pipe clogs can form in any section of a homes drain system. Old cast iron sewer pipes form a coarse rusty interior over time and solids can accumulate in “dips” or any sections that aren’t pitched properly. Replacing an old sections of pipe can help eliminate future plumbing issues & add value to your home. Emergency drain clog service is available to local area customers.