Video Diagnostic Service

Drain Inspection Camera Viewed Thru Sewer Cleanout
Our Drain & Sewer Camera In Action!

The well qualified plumbers at Pipe Wrench are licensed & insured to use sophisticated pipeline video inspection equipment and bring you the convenience of local same day repairs. Our expert camera operator has garnered over 20 years of experience working in the variety of Southeast Michigan’s conditions with safety and cleanliness being top priority. If upon analysis of the video footage, a drain snaking is recommended, we can effectively eradicate backed-up gunk and roots and conduct sewer cleaning with our Ridgid K-60 – 7/8″ sectional cable drain machine.

Concerning Conditions and Warning Signs:

  • Slow Drainage, Gurgling, or Clogged and Backed Up Drains
  • Sewer Odors in the Home or on Commercial Property
  • Large and Mature Trees Nearby or on the Premises
  • Sink Holes or other Unstable Erosion of Soil
  • Even a previously cleared blockage may require follow up inspection!

We are excited to give our clients the opportunity to watch a live streamed video feed of us inspecting and cleaning out their household or commercial pipes in real time! To simplify the experience we readily offer our customers live viewing options via Wi-Fi on our tablets or your devices, with the ability to take still photos, as well as save and export the photo and video files to email, for your records and convenience.

With our handy kit we are able to trace a copper pipeline and other utilities such as gas lines, and locate septic tanks using an electromagnetic transmitter. Our patrons know how important is is to know exactly where lines are located on the property before coordinating repairs to save time and money. When this service is used in conjunction with excavation, it greatly reduces strain on both contractors and clients.

We are happy to organize our talents to help you determine the health of household plumbing and utilities before choosing your new home, or simply for insurance and documentation purposes.

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