Sump Pump Replacement

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Plumbers Choice Sump Pump Installation

Keeping the basement dry can be a challenge for some homes due to the local sub-soil drainage conditions. Those underground foundation drains typically lead to your sump pit where the ground water is collected and pumped away to an approved point of discharge such as a storm water catch basin or ditch. The Plumbing experts from Pipe Wrench can keep your home dry with the installation of a quality Zoeller sump pump offering 3 & 5 year manufacturer warranties. We will clean out the sump pit and troubleshoot any plumbing problems.

Does your basement sump pump turn on & off or run excessively? We can install a “long cycle kit” that will allow the sump pit to fill with more ground water before the pump begins discharging. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by the annoying clunk from the sump pump? That problem can be controlled by upgrading the standard check valve to a spring loaded design that is soft closing. Are there old bricks & debris in the bottom of your sump pit the thing discourages any DYI ideas? The service plumber from Pipe Wrench can remove most pit debris and install an optional pump stand for additional protection.

For most of us, the sump pump is something well out of site and out of mind. Remote alarm notification can be connected to your homes existing alarm system or a dedicated cellular line. A simple text alert while on vacation can help prevent a basement flood before it begins! We can install a combination battery backup & primary sump pump with a large run time battery. The modern controller mounts on the wall and provides basic monitoring functions along with remote alarm terminal connections.

Water powered sump pumps must be installed according the Michigan Plumbing Code & Manufacturers instructions. An “RPZ” (backflow device) must be installed on the incoming water supply to protect the public water supply from siphoning ground water out of the sump pit. The instructions also require running a separate discharge pipe outside for proper a connection.